rain media

About Rain Hypertext

Rain is a beginning. We help people wade through what most consider frustrating, that’s our passion. Simplify is our mantra. See it in our design, and our attitude.

We’re looking to bring the benefits of technology to underserved segments. We consider no project too small, and small certainly doesn’t mean less important. Perhaps you’re a small business, educational institution, or a non-profit. You’re equally important to us. You don’t have to be making millions to deserve the benefits of technology or to have your organization enjoy the explosive success of the Internet.

It’s said on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. Well, its also true that a mom and pop shop can also have a more useful website than a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate. Technology is an incredible force to shake up the status quo.

We’re not dirt cheap, and frankly, you should wonder about someone who is. We have been all digital from the beginning. We’re not geeks who just happen to know how use FrontPage, we’re trained, experienced professionals and thus our rates are set as such. But we certainly don’t charge as much as some shops. We represent an outstanding value and would be happy to discuss our rates with you. We set our rates with the hopes of doing more business with you in the future!

Rain Media’s principals are Jake Harvey and Brian Christiansen. They work out of the Boston, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut markets, serving customers around New England and beyond.

Our digital products are lovingly Handcrafted in the USA.